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Bulgari plans to bring luxurious hospitality to the Los Angeles hills.

Bulgari Hotel & Resorts is expanding into the United States, with a location in Miami slated to open in 2024, and has now announced that it will open a Los Angeles property in 2025. Bulgari Resort Los Angeles is said to be nestled in the private hills of Benedict Canyon – an LA neighborhood known for its breathtaking views of the city, along with its famous residents, including over the years Kim Kardashian West, Bruce Springsteen , David Geffen and Jay Leno included.

Located north of Beverly Hills, Benedict Canyon is a residential area with narrow, winding roads and fenced private property. Located on 33 acres, Bulgari Resort Los Angeles will take advantage of these remote mountains for a one-of-a-kind vacation highlighting the canyon’s California flora and fauna.

The resort will include 58 rooms and suites, eight private properties and the hospitality brand’s signature Bulgari Il Ristorante Niko Romito. The sanctuary will also have a 10,000-square-foot spa, gym, cinema, and sushi bar with eight seats. Most of the hotel’s guest rooms and suites are located in secluded bungalows, while the eight condominiums will range from 12,000 to 48,000 square feet, all with at least one acre of private property. The largest property will be laid out on five hectares.

As for the design of the property, Bulgari hired South African design firm Studio SAOTA to come up with an LA-inspired exterior that blends in with the surroundings, while Milan-based architecture firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel is influencing the resort’s interior with an Italian one .

The luxury hospitality collection currently includes resort properties in Milan, London, Bali, Dubai, Beijing and Shanghai. In addition to the US expansion, new Bulgari locations are planned in Paris, Rome, Moscow and Tokyo.

A rendering showing one of the luxury bungalows at the Bulgari Resort Los Angeles nestled naturally in the landscape of the majestic Santa Monica Mountains.
Courtesy of SAOTA

The proposed property was formerly known as The Retreat, a hotel development project led by investor Gary Safady, who has requested a change to the zoning laws in Benedict Canyon to accommodate the property. In response to the potential impact of development on the area, a group of local residents responded with an initiative called Save Our Canyon. This group has actively opposed plans to build a hotel in the Benedict Canyon area, voicing their concerns through social media, to local lawmakers, and even by posting anti-development signs in the area.

On July 12, Los Angeles City Councilor Paul Koretz filed a motion to the Los Angeles City Council to reject the hotel portion of Safady’s motion to the property.

In response to Bulgari’s announcement, Save Our Canyon CEO Mark Levin made a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. “This planned hotel project is not permitted under the applicable building laws and has not been approved by the city. Indeed, there is tremendous opposition to the project. Over ten thousand people have signed a petition against the project, and all of the major environmental organizations in the region have decided against a commercial hotel in this all-urban area in the hills. “

The statement went on to say, “This project requires the city council to amend the master plan for Los Angeles – and approval of this project would likely result in the destruction of protected hills and trees, endanger wildlife and, in our opinion, an avalanche of commercial development in the Santa Monica Mountains. Most importantly, we believe this commercial hotel is an extreme fire hazard for anyone staying nearby as narrow streets trap people in the canyon. Fortunately, our city council and the community oppose this [the] Build this hotel in Benedict Canyon. Regardless of whether it is proposed by an individual or a multinational company, we are committed to protecting the environment and the integrity of our neighborhoods. Our message is clear: No hotel in this canyon. “

In an email to THR, Safady responded to the Save Our Canyon statement, clarifying that the application for development – “a general change of plan” – was deemed complete last year and that the proposal is currently at the city’s discretion and Environment is checked. “We value the community’s contribution and believe that preserving this iconic landscape is essential. We look forward to the city publishing a draft environmental study and approving the project, ”says Safady.

Safady continued, “The Bulgari Resort Los Angeles is committed to environmentally conscious and forward-thinking development and every step of our planning is in line with that philosophy.” He stated that the project plans to increase the number of protected trees on site, not Replace native and fire-prone trees and bushes and install fire-fighting infrastructure across the property. “Since the Bulgari Resort Los Angeles is an indoor and outdoor living experience where every guest and resident can be one with nature in a protected environment,” he added, “we embrace our local wildlife and don’t use fences add their neighbors to ensure that “wildlife can continue to roam freely and be integrated throughout the property.”

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